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해외 발간자료

num. Title registrant Views attachment
477 [ILO]Employment, wages and productivity in the Asian garment sector: Taking stock of recent trends 국무조정실 2022-06-28 1
476 [World Bank]The State of Global Learning Poverty: 2022 Update 국무조정실 2022-06-27 3
475 [Third World Quarterly]The impact of open access on knowledge production, consumption and dissemination in Kenya’s higher education system 국무조정실 2022-06-24 7
474 [UNHCR]2023 Projected Global Resettlement Needs 국무조정실 2022-06-23 6
473 [IDS]Strengthening Responses at the Nexus of Social Protection, Humanitarian Aid and Climate Shocks in Protracted Crises: BASIC Research Framing Paper 국무조정실 2022-06-22 6
472 [IEA]Africa Energy Outlook 2022 국무조정실 2022-06-21 5
471 [Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies] Financing for education in emergencies coming up short in the wake of COVID-19 국무조정실 2022-06-20 8
470 [Brookings Institution]How can digital public technologies accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals? 국무조정실 2022-06-17 10
469 [World Bank]Directions for Reform: A Country Economic Memorandum (CEM) for Recovery and Resilience 국무조정실 2022-06-16 9
468 [World Vision]Hungry and unprotected children: The forgotten refugees 국무조정실 2022-06-15 10