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국제사회 동향

num. Title registrant Views attachment
1910 [WHO]Shortage of cholera vaccines leads to temporary suspension of two-dose strategy, as cases rise worldwide 국무조정실 2022-10-20 28
1909 [UNFPA]Compounding crises endanger women and girls amid Pakistan’s unprecedented flooding 국무조정실 2022-10-20 35
1908 [IFC]Off-Grid Solar Expected to Electrify 624 Million People by 2030 but ‘Game Changers’ are Needed to Achieve Universal Access Goals 국무조정실 2022-10-19 41
1907 [UNICEF]UNICEF warns of unprecedented numbers of child deaths in Somalia 국무조정실 2022-10-19 33
1906 [UNFPA]Health and violence risks multiply for women and girls in Kenya as worst drought in 40 years takes hold 국무조정실 2022-10-18 45
1905 [WFP]West Africa hard-hit by climate crisis as deadly floods decimate lives and livelihoods 국무조정실 2022-10-18 33
1904 [FAO]Catastrophic hunger levels recorded for the first time in Haiti 국무조정실 2022-10-17 36
1903 [Oxfam]Hunger likely to claim a life every 36 seconds in drought-stricken East Africa over next three months 국무조정실 2022-10-17 33
1902 [ICRC]Yemen: Conflict leaves millions of children without proper education 국무조정실 2022-10-14 61
1901 [WFP] WFP calls for action on World Food Day to avoid another year of record hunger 국무조정실 2022-10-14 41