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국제사회 동향

num. Title registrant Views attachment
1920 [UNHCR]UNHCR’s unprecedented US$700m funding gap spells catastrophe for millions 국무조정실 2022-10-27 35
1919 [Save the Children]Deadly cholera outbreak tightens its grip on the Middle East, as cases nearly double in Lebanon 국무조정실 2022-10-27 34
1918 [UNFPA]Ethiopia: From conflict to climate shocks, women and girls are disproportionately affected 국무조정실 2022-10-26 43
1917 [UNICEF]Cholera outbreak in Haiti hits over 1,700 suspected cases –half of them children 국무조정실 2022-10-26 20
1916 [UNRWA]Hitting Rock Bottom-Palestine Refugees in Lebanon Risk Their Lives in Search of Dignity 국무조정실 2022-10-24 55
1915 [UNICEF]More than 1 in 9 children in flood-affected areas of Pakistan suffering from severe acute malnutrition 국무조정실 2022-10-24 46
1914 KOPIA 오늘의 지구촌 동향(10.21) 국무조정실 2022-10-21 49
1913 [UNHCR]UNHCR issues urgent appeal to stop forced returns of Myanmar nationals 국무조정실 2022-10-21 46
1912 [The Guardian]More bodies, thought to be of Ethiopian migrants, found in mass grave in Malawi 국무조정실 2022-10-21 50
1911 [CGD]Learning from Different Nations' Experiences with COVID-19: Models of Public Inquiry, Methods to Globally Network 국무조정실 2022-10-20 39