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국제사회 동향

num. Title registrant Views attachment
2091 [FAO]Somalia: lives and livelihoods of millions still at risk, FAO calls for an urgent scale-up in emergency humanitarian aid alongside resilience 국무조정실 2023-03-07 17
2090 [IOM]Thousands of Rohingya Impacted by Recent Camp Fire: IOM Responds 국무조정실 2023-03-07 18
2089 [The Guardian]‘Warfare is encroaching’: aid groups may have to cut back services in Haiti as violence grows 국무조정실 2023-03-06 25
2088 [Save the Children]Statement: Fire blazes through Rohingya refugee camps days before international funding event in Geneva 국무조정실 2023-03-06 11
2087 KOPIA 오늘의 지구촌 동향(3.6) 국무조정실 2023-03-06 19
2086 [Save the Children]Sri Lanka: half of families reducing children’s food intake as the country slips further into hunger crisis 국무조정실 2023-03-03 26
2085 [WHO]Somalia calls for help as 1.8 million Somali children under 5 experience acute malnutrition and health complications 국무조정실 2023-03-03 23
2084 [IFRC]Six months on: Pakistan’s receding floodwaters reveal the need for prolonged support 국무조정실 2023-03-02 28
2083 [UNHCR]Kenya’s Dadaab camp swells with Somalis fleeing drought, conflict 국무조정실 2023-03-02 15
2082 [IOM]A Decisive Year for Yemen: IOM Appeals for USD 183 Million to Provide Relief to Over 4 Million People in Need 국무조정실 2023-02-28 28