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국제사회 동향

num. Title registrant Views attachment
31 [DFID]UK aid to provide emergency food to 62,000 Palestinian refugees in Gaza 국무조정실 2018-12-21 242
30 [JICA]Rwanda Leaps Forward Using ICT; JICA Supports Young Entrepreneurs, Provides Human Resource Training 국무조정실 2018-12-21 242
29 [JICA]Signing of Record of Discussions on Technical Cooperation Project with Indonesia: Support for Strengthening SDG Implementation Framework 국무조정실 2018-12-21 262
28 [JICA]Signing of Grant Agreement with Ghana: Contributing to more efficient transportation and goods distribution through major arterial road rehabilitation 국무조정실 2018-12-21 240
27 [WB]New US$140 Million Support for Ongoing Emergency Cash Transfers in Yemen 국무조정실 2018-12-21 259
26 [WB]Senegal to Build a Sustainable Digital Economy with World Bank Support 국무조정실 2018-12-21 254
25 [AFD]A breath of hope for street children in the Philippines 국무조정실 2018-12-14 246
24 [AFD]Paris Peace Forum: "Global governance must evolve." 국무조정실 2018-12-14 263
23 [AFD]AFD international conference: There is nothing inevitable about inequalities 국무조정실 2018-12-14 252
22 [GIZ]BMW Group, BASF SE, Samsung SDI and Samsung Electronics launch cross-industry project to enhance sustainable cobalt mining 국무조정실 2018-12-14 258