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국제사회 동향

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20 [AfDB]Kenya: African Development Bank approves ??62.914 million loan to improve access to sustainable wastewater services in Nairobi 국무조정실 2018-12-14 241
19 [WB]World Bank Supports Bangladesh’s Reform Efforts to Create Quality Jobs 국무조정실 2018-12-14 234
18 [WB]Malawi Needs to Invest More in Educating Girls and Building Resilience 국무조정실 2018-12-14 221
17 [USAID]How USAID Is Working to Prevent Sexual Misconduct and Exploitation 국무조정실 2018-12-11 235
16 [IMF]IMF Executive Board Completes Fourth Review and Approves Extension of the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 국무조정실 2018-12-11 268
15 [WB]Agreements signed to bring Reliable, Renewable Electricity to Solomon Islands 국무조정실 2018-12-11 252
14 [WB]Kenya Launches Ambitious Plan to Provide Electricity to All Citizens by 2022 국무조정실 2018-12-11 222
13 [WB]Bangladesh: World Bank Supports Rural Roads and Bridges 국무조정실 2018-12-11 222
12 [WB]World Bank Lends $500 million to Bangladesh for Dairy, Livestock Productivity 국무조정실 2018-12-11 225
11 [WB]New US$1 Billion Support to Egypt for Enabling Private Sector Led Job Creation 국무조정실 2018-12-11 212