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국제사회 동향

num. Title registrant Views attachment
2031 [UNICEF]25 million Nigerians at high risk of food insecurity in 2023 국무조정실 2023-01-18 23
2030 [UNICEF]Poorest learners benefit the least from public education 국무조정실 2023-01-17 28
2029 [The Guardian]UK seeks more German support as it confirms Challenger tanks for Ukraine 국무조정실 2023-01-17 19
2028 [ECHO]Humanitarian aid: EU allocates additional €25.5 million in African countries 국무조정실 2023-01-16 24
2027 [Save the Children]Children still afraid one year on from volcanic eruption in Tonga 국무조정실 2023-01-16 16
2026 [UN]‘Unprecedented’ insecurity in West Africa and the Sahel, Security Council hears 국무조정실 2023-01-11 60
2025 [CNN]American aid to Ukraine ramps up but House GOP drama causes worry over future military help 국무조정실 2023-01-11 37
2024 [HRW]Italy’s Anti-Rescue Decree Risks Increasing Deaths at Sea 국무조정실 2023-01-10 50
2023 [UNICEF]Up to 4 million children in Pakistan still living next to stagnant and contaminated floodwater 국무조정실 2023-01-10 23
2022 [UN]Ukraine: FAO and EU in $15.5 million bid to avert food crisis threat 국무조정실 2023-01-09 41