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국제사회 동향

num. Title registrant Views attachment
notice ODA 관련 해외주요동향(10.6) 국무조정실 2022-10-06 801
2120 [MSF]Occupation and destruction of medical structures severely impede access to healthcare 국무조정실 2023-03-24 4
2119 [WHO]Cyclone Freddy deepens health risks in worst-hit countries 국무조정실 2023-03-24 4
2118 [WHO]Tanzania confirms first-ever outbreak of Marburg Virus Disease 국무조정실 2023-03-23 16
2117 [Oxfam]One in five persons don’t have enough water in drought-stricken East Africa 국무조정실 2023-03-23 13
2116 [OHCHR] Haiti - gang violence 국무조정실 2023-03-22 15
2115 [UNICEF]UNICEF calls on de facto authorities to allow girls to return to secondary school in Afghanistan immediately 국무조정실 2023-03-22 10
2114 [IRC]As emissions targets fail, the IRC warns that least prepared communities on climate crisis frontlines will bear the most cost 국무조정실 2023-03-21 18
2113 [UNICEF]More than 10 million people, including children, living in Pakistan’s flood-affected areas still lack access to safe drinking water 국무조정실 2023-03-21 18
2112 [ILO]The value of essential work-World Employment and Social Outlook 2023 국무조정실 2023-03-20 25