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국제사회 동향

num. Title registrant Views attachment
1752 [FAO]G7 Ministerial Conference: FAO outlines five urgent steps to address the global food crisis 국무조정실 2022-06-28 11
1751 [UN]Ukraine: Dozens dead and injured as UN condemns ‘utterly deplorable’ shopping centre attack 국무조정실 2022-06-28 9
1750 [Save the Children]G7 Leaders must commit to immediate, multi-billion USD package to combat unprecedented global hunger crisis 국무조정실 2022-06-27 21
1749 [UNICEF]Reaching Iraq’s displaced children with essential vaccines 국무조정실 2022-06-27 15
1748 [UNICEF]Global hunger crisis pushing one child into severe malnutrition every minute in 15 crisis-hit countries 국무조정실 2022-06-24 43
1747 [WFP]WFP rapidly deploys food and logistics equipment to earthquake-hit eastern Afghanistan 국무조정실 2022-06-24 40
1746 ODA 관련 해외주요동향(6.21) 국무조정실 2022-06-23 74
1745 [UN]222 million crisis-hit children currently require educational support 국무조정실 2022-06-23 55
1744 [Save the Children]Sri Lanka Closes Schools for Fourth Time this Year Amid Worsening Fuel Shortage 국무조정실 2022-06-23 31
1743 [UN]UN brainstorms how to strengthen aid delivery amid ‘megacrises’ 국무조정실 2022-06-22 54