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Sharing Hope, Sharing Future

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The role of the Committee for International Development Cooperation (CIDC) is mandated as a coordinating body by the Framework Act (Article 7). The responsibilities of the CIDC are to deliberate on and moderate major matters to ensure that international development cooperation policies are implemented in a comprehensive and systematic manner. The CIDC is composed of 25 members, including the Prime Minister as the chairperson, ministers of 15 ministries, and heads of KOICA and KEXIM along with seven civilian experts who are appointed by the chairperson. The CIDC deals with (i) the Mid-term ODA Policy and Annual Implementation Plans; (ii) evaluation; (iii) coordination of ODA policies and plans; and (iv) other matters deemed important and recommended by the chairperson. The CIDC has the Working Committee for the CIDC (chaired by Vice Minister of the OPM) to consult and moderate the agenda in advance of the CIDC, and to handle matters entrusted by the CIDC.

The CIDC also has the Expert Committee for Evaluation (chaired by Deputy Minister for National Agenda of OPM) to strengthen the evaluation capacity. Korea introduced an integrated evaluation system and integrated evaluation principles, standards and processes to all of its ODA programs. Under the integrated evaluation system, each executing agency submits its self-evaluation results to the the Expert Committee for Evaluation. Also, this committee evaluates randomly-selected projects to ensure objectivity in its evaluation.

 Committee for International Development Cooperation (Chairman by Prime Minister) Working Committee (Chaired by 1st Vice Minister for OPC) Expert Committee for for Evalualtion (Chaired by Deputy Minister of Planning and Coordination) Office for Government Policy Coordination (CIDC Secretariat) MOEF (Concessional Loans, and cooperation with international financial institutions and MDBs) < Consultation and Coordination > MOFA (Grants, and cooperation with UN and other international institutions) Working-level Coordination - Other Ministries KEXIM < Working-level Coordination > KOICA