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국제사회 동향

num. Title registrant Views attachment
1434 [WFP]First humanitarian flight to Kabul since Taliban takeover marks turning point in crisis 국무조정실 2021-09-15 30
1433 [WHO]Leaders Make Urgent Call To Accelerate Vaccination Globally And In Africa 국무조정실 2021-09-15 25
1432 [Amnesty]Niger: Increasing number of children killed and recruited by armed groups in Sahel’s tri-border area 국무조정실 2021-09-14 18
1431 [UN]Gender equality ‘champion’ Sima Sami Bahous to lead UN Women 국무조정실 2021-09-14 33
1430 [UNDP]Economic Instability and Uncertainty in Afghanistan after August 15 국무조정실 2021-09-13 38
1429 [MSF]Supply shortages and economic instability are decimating Lebanon’s health care system 국무조정실 2021-09-13 20
1428 [UN]In Somalia, Deputy UN chief encourages progress on women’s political participation, and peaceful elections 국무조정실 2021-09-13 14
1427 [WHO]COVID-19 variants prolong Africa's pandemic wave 국무조정실 2021-09-10 42
1426 [UNHCR]Climate change fuels clashes in Cameroon that force thousands to flee 국무조정실 2021-09-10 37
1425 [UN]Shared ‘grief and anxiety’ a powerful unifying factor in COVID fight 국무조정실 2021-09-10 36