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Sharing Hope, Sharing Future

> Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Legal and Policy Framework, Legal Basis-Framework Act on International Development Cooperation Enforcement Decree of the Framework Act on International Development Coopertation, Overarching Objectives-Reduce poverty in developing countries Improve women's and chilren's rights and achive gender equality Realize sustainable development and humanitarian values Enhance economic cooperation with partner countries Promote international peace and prosperity, Mid-term Plan-Second Master Plan for International Development Coopertation, Multilateral ODA-International Financial institutions(IFIs), the UN, and otehr international organizations, Bilateral ODA-Implementation based on the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS), Policy Making, Committee for International Development Cooperation (CIDC)-Chariperson: Prime Minister Secretariat: Directorate for Development Cooperation Policy, Office for Government Policy Coordination, Council on Grants, Council on EDCF*, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Finance